The Flow State

The Flow State For many creatives, the so-called “flow state” is the holy grail of mental performance. We’ve all found ourselves so engrossed in a task that we lose track of time and our surroundings, but few  of us can achieve this magical state on a regular basis. First, we’ll… Read More »The Flow State

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The law of attraction in action

Through the mindfulness process that the Law of Attraction entails, you will come to realise your own version of success. If you are unhappy with your health, one of your ideas of success may be becoming a healthier version of yourself.

Why you should never underestimate a positive mental attitude

Whether you’re an employee in a traditional workforce or the sole entrepreneur behind a daring new enterprise, a course creator or a coach !  Having the right frame of mind is integral to how you perform. In fact, having a positive mental attitude is more important than you realise –… Read More »Why you should never underestimate a positive mental attitude