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A full internationally agreed NLP syllabus from an Independently certified NLP Trainer where the students will learn all of the NLP principles, techniques and tools with an option of getting a ABNLP Membership.

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NLP  – Neuro Linguistic Programming is concerned with the way in which we organise our minds. Our perception of reality, the things we see, hear, and feel and the language we use internally and externally to describe these experiences. With NLP we have a framework or system for modelling excellence in others. We can find what works and replicate it in ourselves to produce amazing results at an incredible pace! 

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This certification program consists of 280 lessons (full NLP curriculum), more than 29 hours of video content, 27 private articles, and PDF transcripts for each lesson. The full practitioner package includes Live sessions with Matt Barnett and ABNLP Membership. All levels of this program include a Headgear Labs certificate of completion. 

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