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The authentic living coach program is a program for both individuals and coaches. It focusses on how people can operate more effectively and be more happy when they are being authentic. The program is easy to follow and empowers the student to be comfortable being the real version of themselves. 

Target Audience:

Coaches, therapists, practitioners and trainers are a good target for this product. Many coaches find that using these 9 Keys in their coaching practice helps their clients to get better results.
Entrepreneurs would benefit from this training to assist with their business and financial goals.
We have had some interest from sports people who wish to form their personal goals and dietary goals in a way that they would be able to ensure their success. 
In short this program is useful for any one that is likely to set targets and goals, and the message can be tailored to those markets.

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$39.99 (Special deal June 2020)

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Law of Attraction course (50% off – from $99.99 to $50.00)

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The authentic living coach program is designed to enable the student to be comfortable in their own skin. Many people go through life on other peoples terms. We are told how to act, how to dress, often even how to think. For a lot of people at some point in their life this can bring about conflict. Are we being true to ourselves? have we followed our true path? these sometimes manifest as ‘mid life crisis’ however , it doesnt need to be a traumatic event. The rules and guides of society are there for a reason. However we have our own innate truth and purpose, discovering it is a powerful and an empowering thing. This course assists individuals to find their true self and purpose in life. It also enables coaches to add these skills to their coaching skillset to help others. 

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Your opportunity to LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS

I am so excited to bring you a series of courses and programs for personal development designed and presented by Matt Barnett.

And I am excited to bring you his latest course ‘The Certified Authentic Living Coach program’ which I KNOW you will love.. Have you ever wondered if you are really being true to yourself? your goals? your purpose in life?

Have you ever worked with people who are conflicted about who they really are? Well…. if you have this course is for you !

In this course Matt shows you how to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY as the real version of YOU so that you can free yourself of the burdens others impose upon you and be free to be an individual Are you ready to take life by the horns and live on your terms? Check out Matt’s course now.. ! click here