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The 9 Keys to an Achievable Outcome are fundamental keys that need to be present when goal setting to ensure that the goal is both compelling and achievable. Taken from the world of NLP, Matt teaches the 9 keys in a simple and easy to understand way. After you have studied this course you will be able to quickly check you goal to make sure it meets these keys. 

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Coaches, therapists practitioners and trainers are a good target for this product. Many coaches find that using these 9 Keys in their coaching practice helps their clients to get better results.
Entrepreneurs would benefit from this training to assist with their business and financial goals.
We have had some interest from sports people who wish to form their personal goals and dietary goals in a way that they would be able to ensure their success. 
In short this program is useful for any one that is likely to set targets and goals, and the message can be tailored to those markets.

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The 9 Keys to an Achievable Outcome form part of Matt’s NLP Practitioner Training. They are also included as part of the SMART Goals training. The 9 keys are applicable to most businesses and individuals and help people to formulate goals that are more likely to be achievable. 
When you are creating goals either for yourself or for other people, having these nine keys in mind or even as a checklist is a good way to ensure that they are formulated correctly. 

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